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Extreme Horsemanship Obstacle Challenge
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6 Miles, 6 Obstacles & 6 Judges

ACTHA is a nation wide (plus some Canadian provinces) organization that offers something for every levels of horse and rider.  A family friendly sport focused on horsemanship and trail riding.

ACTHA offers registration of horses to allow for lifetime point awards.  State and National championships along with rider and horse medals.

ACTHA is a large and indepth program, to learn more about and to join ACTHA, visit their website and join today!!

Trademark Farms is an ACTHA affiliate, offering sanctioned rides and great prizes.

We offer clinics and schooling events

Where they're not just a trail horse anymore!

You MUST have
Negative Coggins (current within 12 months)
Health Certificate (for all out of state riders)
Riders under 18 years of age SEI/ASTM approved riding  helmet &a release form signed by a parent/guardian
Yellow ribbon attached to the tail of stallions

9  Very Good
8  Good
7  Fairly Good
6  Satisfactory
5  Sufficient
4  Insufficient
3  Fairly Poor
2  Very Poor
1  Extremely Poor
0  Not Executed 

It should be understood that a rider and horse start off with a score of 10 points each, with deductions when errors are made.

Our judges will be watching for

Horses backing away or side-stepping or lack of forward progress towards an obstacle.
Sniffing an obstacle is not a refusal but will not be scored as highly as a horse that demonstrates bravery.

Subtle or refined cues will score higher than very obvious cues.

Horses showing obvious signs of refusal or contact issues
ie: gaping mouths, ears flat back, kicking out, bucking, or biting.

Rider balance and seat/leg control while negotiating an obstacle.
Leaning or weight shifts interferring with horse's balance and footing will be penalized.
Riders are to get off their horses back/loins going uphill by maintaining an up and forward position.

If a horse is wearing a snaffle bit or is ridden in an English bridle, 2 hands on the reins are
appropriate.  If a horse is in a shank bit, western style, one hand is appropriate.

Horse and rider appear confident, relaxed and natural.

Excessive use of spurs

Harsh use of bit

Rushing obstacle (calmness will score higher than nervousness).

Nicking, or stepping on or tripping over part of an obstacle

Stumbling will receive point deduction.
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